Interim Committee 2021 / 2022

In 2021, the Water Research Commission (WRC) hosted a dialogue aiming to revitalize the hydrology community of practice in South Africa. From this initiative, the South African Hydrological Society (SAHS) was born. SAHS, now in its initiation phase, is a more formal umbrella organisation which evolved from SANCIAHS (South African National Committee of the International Association of Hydrological Sciences). SANCIAHS was an informal volunteer association of hydrologists and water scientists that was formed in the early 1980s by the Department of Water Affairs (DWA), the WRC, universities and practitioners. SAHS will build on the historical legacy of SANCIAHS.

Through consultation with the hydrology community of practice, the vision formulated for the SAHS is “To be a strong, vibrant, diverse and active network of hydrologists in South Africa”. WIth its mission being “To strengthen the hydrology community of practice and to promote and advance the science of hydrology in South Africa”.

Following in the collaborative spirit of the past 19 SANCIAHS symposiums held biennially for the past 40 years, the SAHS interim committee welcomes you to the inaugural SAHS biennial symposium! The theme for this year’s inaugural symposium, “Building a community of practice”, aligns with the vision and mission of the society.

On behalf of the SAHS interim committee welcome to the inaugural symposium. We wish you an enjoyable and enriching symposium, and hope this is the first of many successful SAHS events which build a strong, vibrant, diverse and active network of hydrologists in South Africa! Thank you for being here and being a part of the network!

SAHS interim committee
Dr Michele Toucher (SAEON) Dr Julia Glenday (SAEON)
Dr Alanna Rebelo (ARC) Kershani Tinisha Chetty (UKZN)
Louise Dobinson (Zutari) Dr Wandile Nomquphu (WRC)
Prof Denis Hughes (RU) Dr Evison Kapangaziwiri (CSIR)
Prof Graham Jewitt (IHE Delft) Prof Simon Lorentz (SRK)